We deeply apologize for the late notice and inconvenience. We are decommissioning the two Buffalo, New York nodes. We are moving all VPS accounts that exist on those nodes to our parent company's data center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The migration will be live but will result in changing IPs once the migration is complete. We will migrate all VPS accounts one at a time commencing Saturday, March 16, 2013 and ending Thursday, March 21, 2013.

The Process

The steps are as follows:
1.    We select your VPS.
2.    We notify you via our ticketing system.
a.    We get details on what services will be affected from you.
b.    We provide you with a plan specific to your setup.
c.    We execute the plan after step #3.
3.    We take a backup of your VPS.
4.    We start the live migration.
5.    Migration is finished.
a.    We provide new IP address(s).
b.    You update your DNS if necessary.
6.    The process is complete.

What do customers need to know?

Why the migration to Tulsa

Since our parent company acquired CubixCloud we all have worked diligently to provide the same level of service you received prior to the acquisition. In order to maintain flexibility and service it was required to decommission the nodes in New York. The also helps us maintain economic stability which is important for you as the customer.
It also gives us direct access to network resources we wouldn't otherwise have had with our current third-party data center in Buffalo, NY. Customer satisfaction is our number priority and moving to an owned data center allows us to focus more on you.

We can handle the DNS updates for you

If you wish to have CubixCloud handle your DNS updates. Just provide us with the login details and we will update your records for and make sure your server never misses a beat.

Maintenance Windows and Service Credits

We will do our best to keep downtime to a minimum as we move your VPS account. This is why we are performing a live migration. Should we need to perform a cold migration we will. Performing a cold migration is only last resort after we've exhausted all other alternatives. This migration is maintenance and there will be no credits issued for downtime, should it occur.

New IP Addresses and Resources

The new IP addresses will be allocated from our parent company.  Our parent company OCOSA gets their IP Resources allocated directly from the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). If you would like your IP(s) SWIP'd please notify us once we contact you via our ticketing system.

The time has come for content providers and website owners to have both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. We will be adding IPv6 connectivity to all of our servers very soon. If you would like an IPv6 address and have not yet requested an IPv6 address please open up ticket and make a request for IPv6.

We cannot offer IPv6 to our Chicago Node at this time. The third-party data center is working on establishing an IPv6 network.

If you have any questions or concerns about the migration please open a ticket located at http://account.cubixcloud.com/submitticket.php.

Thank you!

CubixCloud, LLC
PH: +1 415-952-8249

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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